We already are crazy people

Dear President Trump,

From the WP this evening: “North Korea is looming large,” (Senator) Graham said. “We’d look like crazy people to shut down the government in light of all of our problems.” Yep. He’s got it almost right, but I don’t think he goes far enough. We already are crazy people. The threat of a government shutdown is just another symptom of our craziness. And you are our leader in crazy, and it doesn’t matter one tiny bit to your base. All the polls have your popularity ratings in the basement, but broken out by party, your numbers look terrific among Republicans. They are eating this all up, hook, line, and sinker. Yesterday on NPR Mara Liasson nailed it; she essentially said you are working to gift yourself and the other wealthy Republican elites with every classic Republican big ticket legislation item you’ve fantasized about for ages while your fan base gets your tweets. I would add that you are basically throwing your fan base chunks of bloody red meat with all those inflammatory tweets and sadly, they love them. Basically, while I hate to say it, you are doing a fantastic job keeping the people happy you need to keep happy and as long as you are doing that you’ll likely be able to stay in the White House and ram through all the destructive crap you want.

I know there are formal physics and astronomy theories about parallel universes with alternate realities. I think they are generally referencing a big cosmic scale, but really, this sure seems to be going on right now, right here in the US. As you know, I have been using LKM, tonglen, straight up breathing meditation, and gratitude practices (geez, I sound pretty loony) so I can just hold it together and to keep working at cultivating empathy for the people who voted for you and continue to support you. However, I am failing pretty miserably at the empathy part. I just don’t get them. I get you. You are driven by greed and lust for power. You are simple. But they are subsisting on tweets and handing their futures (and everyone elses’) to the Kochs and Mercers. It’s illogical. And scary as shit.

May your base wake up to our common peril.
May we all be happy to…. what? I don’t know. Happiness seems overly indulgent right now.
May we not all become so anxious and freaked out that we get sick from it.
May all of us find ways to get back into the same universe and figure out how to deal.

Tracy Simpson

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