I hope your minders are on high alert

Dear President Trump,

I bet you did not have a good day and in fact, I bet you did not have a good week. Basically, as soon as the Special Counsel team announced that Flynn’s lawyers were no longer cooperating with your lawyers it was crystal clear that Flynn is flipping on you. We’ve been waiting for this for months, since way back when talk of Flynn’s highly questionable interactions with the Russians was lighting up the Twitterverse. I know it’s better late than never, but I wish this whole timeline could be sped up since the more days you have in office, the more days you have to trash the country.

Dana Millbank (WP) and I are both very concerned you are going to completely flip out and start behaving even more badly than usual. We both saw you ramping up this week as you braced yourself for Flynn pleading guilty to one relatively low level count. Your offensive behavior at the ceremony honoring the WWII Navajo code talkers kicked off the week with a sickening splat (including the mean spirited shittiness of having a portrait of Jackson glaring down at them) and then you further honed your divider-in-chief persona by retweeting those misleading pieces ostensibly about violent Muslims. Huckabee Sanders’ butter-won’t melt-in-my-mouth commentary was amazing — insisting the veracity of the tweets didn’t matter because you were making a point about a real threat. Since when? Muslim people in the US are many, many more times likely to be the victims of violent hate crimes than they are to perpetrate violence here. And you damn well know it. I hope you don’t play poker. You have so many tells when you are anxious you’d go broke playing my mother, who, as far as I know, has never played poker in her life.

I am quite certain you are scared and confused and feeling backed into a corner, all of which does not increase my sense of security or safety. Scared, confused, trapped people act out and flail about desperately and you have so little impulse control there’s no telling what you might do. I sure as hell hope your minders are on high alert and won’t let you do anything that is going to get us killed. As pleased as I am about the Flynn developments, I think we are in a very precarious, dangerous time since the odds of you freaking out and lashing out are incredibly high. So I’ll keep it today’s blessing very basic:

May we be safe.
May we be safe (from you).
May we be safe (from your angry base).
May we be safe.

Tracy Simpson

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