Those gloaty smirky smiles make my stomach turn

Dear President Trump,

Having Flynn plead guilty and the Senate pass their tax bill in the middle of the night both happen within the same 24 hour period has me thinking about epic battles between good and evil and how crazy it is that nearly half the electorate would disagree with me on which is good and which is evil. I’ve felt stunned and numb all day. In some ways it’s good that it’s been cold and rainy and gray today because it matches my mood and outlook. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy Flynn pleaded guilty and flipped on you. I’m also pleased you tweeted that you knew he’d lied to the FBI when you fired him. (Your insistence that someone else wrote that tweet on your personal account is absurd and even if Dowd did write it, it still makes the FBI obstruction case that much stronger.) These things are all on the side of good and may mean there is an end to this nightmare sooner rather than later.

However, evil is clearly very tenacious and right now it feels as though it is strongly ascendant. The gloaty smirky smiles on both Ryan and McConnell’s faces on the front page of the WP this morning just about made me throw up. They both looked so f–ing smug and as if they just won the lottery, which, really, they did. I have no idea how much they will each profit personally from the new tax system, but it would be safe to bet it will be a heck of a lot more than just about everyone in my neighborhood put together. And you. While it is, of course, hard for us to know how you will come out since you never released your tax returns (funny, that), you will probably save more than all of Northeast Seattle put together. Plus, you all have delivered the goods to your real constituents, your donors. It doesn’t matter one whit what anyone else thinks because as long as you are keeping the King-makers happy they will find ways to keep you handy people in office to do their bidding.

It’s really hard to see a scenario that has this greedy, evil, stay-rich scheme blowing up on you all but for the sake of the rest of us, and especially those of us who are barely hanging on, it has to. And soon.

May we safely ride out this storm.
May we not roll over in exhaustion or frustration.
May we keep each other healthy and engaged.
May we keep fighting the good fight because you all simply can’t win.

Tracy Simpson

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