We all end up paying

Dear President Trump,

Fortunately my sister who lives in Eugene and is a driver will be able to be in Portland to help my mom. Fortunately she only works during the school year and doesn’t have to take time off to be with my mom. Fortunately our family has the means to cover gas, groceries, medicine, taxi fare, insurance co-pays, etc..

You can probably guess where I’m going with all this, right? For now, we have my mom’s basic needs covered but what about the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people who don’t have this kind of family support and who don’t have the money to deal with a medical set-back like this? They are already in dire shape even with the ACA in place and you all are planning to tear even bigger holes in the healthcare safety net with your lame re-do. You and the Republican wealth redistribution team want to make the argument that people who can’t afford healthcare insurance are in this predicament because of poor lifestyle choices they made along the way. I suppose it is possible this is true for some people but I think this is really just a cover for you all to essentially blame the victims of a crappy set up. Even not great health insurance is expensive and health care costs have outstripped wages tremendously such that even Americans who have adequate insurance have had to spend larger and larger proportions of their income to maintain coverage. Some people simply do not have the means to be able to eat, have a place to live, get to work, have Internet access, AND pay for health insurance. Under the guise of free choice you all have also said it should be people’s right not to buy insurance if they don’t want to, but since health is not something anyone has a lock on, this seems about as good an idea as not requiring people to pay car insurance if they don’t want to. We all end up paying for people who are uninsured one way or another so the only reason to dismantle the proximal safety net of the ACA must be to make you tycoons more money, which is not an acceptable reason.

May we all be safe and when we aren’t, may we be covered.
May we all be happy and not have to worry about health care costs.
May we all be healthy and when we aren’t, may we be covered.
May we all get that it is in our collective best interest to cover everyone.

Tracy Simpson

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