There really are solid people

Dear President Trump,

My mom called this evening to let me know she fell and broke her knee. We don’t know when she’ll be able to have surgery to repair it, but hopefully sometime next week. She lives alone in a two-story house and her bedroom and the only full bathroom are upstairs where she isn’t going to be able to go for over two months. She’s in Portland and neither of my siblings who live there can drive. It looks like a friend of hers will be able to take her to doctor’s appointments, but we are going to have to sort out a lot of other stuff this weekend, like how she’s going to get food and how her dog will get fed and super basic stuff like that. She’s in a wheelchair with her leg immobilized in a brace so a ramp up the couple of steps to her front porch will have to be built. She was sounding pretty stoic but it was clear she’s worried and understandably so. Fortunately she has Kaiser and her overall healthcare coverage is decent, but I’m anticipating that all the co-pays are going to be expensive. We’ll see.

One nice thing she told me about was that a woman saw her fall and was very, very kind to her. The woman stayed with her and got someone else so they could help my mom up and they managed to get mom to her car. Mom didn’t know her knee was broken at this point so she drove to the hospital and the woman followed her in her car. She then got my mom all checked into the ER and told her she’d be happy to come back to take her home or follow her home when she was done. So sweet. I am so grateful someone stepped up and helped my mom in such a huge way. Kind of like the human chain people who helped save the stranded swimmers in Florida last week. And kind of like Laura who called 911 when she saw a man having a seizure in the parked (fortunately) car in front of her at the airport when she was picking me up on Tuesday.

It is a beautiful thing that there really are solid people all around who care about others and are willing to reach out and help when someone is in danger. And I doubt any of the helpers or helpees had a clue or cared what their counterparts’ politics are, which is lovely and hopeful.

May we all look out for each other and keep each other safe.
May we all be happy to step up when someone is in need.
May we all be healthy enough to accept help when we need it.
May our lives unfold and intersect peacefully no matter what are politics might be.

Tracy Simpson

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