Who comes up with this shit?

Dear President Trump,

I understand you have a busy day ahead, including meeting with “ObamaCare Victims” at 12:45 this afternoon. Who comes up with this shit? I mean really — if the only way you all can think to sell your version of a healthcare bill is to over-dramatize problems with the existing one it should be a signal you all got nothing to offer. It’s par for the course that you think you need to throw whatever President Obama did under the proverbial bus to justify your efforts to take away protections and services. If you can get enough people to focus on the righteous joys of tearing something down that an uppity African American President did then it really doesn’t matter what you do or don’t have to put in its place. Well, actually, I think it’s a combination of getting the adrenaline hit of tearing something apart that President Obama cares deeply about and then being able to hand the ultra-wealthy a huge tax break from the windfall of pulling back coverage for low income people with pre-existing conditions. So actually it’s a huge two-fer for you all but the slick sick trick is to make those whose coverage you are undermining focus on the shiny object of undoing what the lefty Black guy who invaded the Oval Office for eight years inflicted on them (i.e., making it so they could have health insurance). I know I said I wouldn’t say anything I wouldn’t say to your face but I would say to your face that this is truly a vicious mind-fuck you are trying to perpetrate on very vulnerable people who desperately want to believe in you and you are screwing them over while looking them in the eye saying “trust me, it’ll be great.”

You may think you have a lock on all the milk and honey (and vanilla ice cream), but I think there’s a swarm of bees coming and you all will want to watch out. Even your people are going to wake up eventually and they are going to be mad.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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