I hope you slept poorly

Dear President Trump,

How did you sleep last night? It may seem kind of mean, but I hope for your sake you slept poorly. Why would it be a good sign for you if you slept poorly the night before the FBI Director you fired is set to testify before Congress? It would signal you care about what he says and have an inkling it could have major ramifications for you that aren’t going to be easily blown off or twisted into some pretzel logic having to do with what is or is not technically legal behavior on your part. I suppose if we are to take Comey at his word and accept that you asked for loyalty and for the FBI to let go of investigating Flynn, this automatically indicates you get what a big deal the inquiry into collusion with Russia is. And really, how could you possibly be so clueless and arrogant as to think there’s little to no risk to you in Comey’s testimony? Well, unfortunately I think you could actually believe this because you appear to have consolidated the unwavering support of scores of Republican congress people and because they are the ones who would need to act on any revelations that look impeachable, you get to sit tight. So maybe you slept like a baby.

However you slept, I hope today is very, very difficult for you and at least as difficult for the Republican toadies who have been content to ride your coattails to get the tax breaks and governmental dismantling they’ve wanted for years. I want them to squirm and realize they are going to have to make some painful decisions if they want to survive their next rounds of voting.

But wait, if there was collusion with Russia on election tampering could you all (as in you, your administration, the Republican elite) have somehow convinced enough Republicans that Russia has their back and they don’t actually need to worry about how their constituents actually vote? I realize that is taking the conspiracy theory of the day and running fairly wild with it, but if the Russia election-tampering accusations are mostly accurate and there was some (or a lot) of collusion with your campaign in 2016 (with or without active collusion on the part of some/many Republicans), then the idea that Russia could put their fist on the next election’s scale is not far-fetched. What a sick, scary thought and all the more reason to hope you slept really poorly.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully.

Tracy Simpson

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