You didn’t even go through the motions

Dear President Trump,

The fact checkers have been watching you for a long time and we all know they’ve not been impressed. They’ve been saying from the beginning that your statements are far more often false (as in lies) than those of any other president in history. I know you’ve publicly dismissed them as so much hooey made up by “the fake media,” which is out to get you in a witch-hunt for the ages. Privately, I wonder though, what you actually think and whether you care at all about being called out so very many times as a liar. I kind of think you pride yourself on being able to say whatever you want. You are the Great DT so you get to say whatever comes into your head and enough people go will along with whatever the rich guy says that you just keep doing it.

I think, though, that this long, long history of yours of playing fast and loose with the truth is actually going to bite you now. I don’t think you are going to be able to get any traction whatsoever on your claims that James Comey is lying about the content of your private conversations. Lots of people have stacked the two of you up against each other on the trustworthiness meter and have concluded you don’t even come up to his ankle. Sure, your base is going to believe you and cry foul on Comey. That’s to be expected. And oh my did your Republican buds do their best to sow doubt about your motives with all the B.S. about how your use of the word “hope” meant you weren’t pressuring him to drop the Flynn investigation. What a load. But you’ve played this whole thing so poorly from the get-go. Along with your incredibly poor truth-telling track record, you didn’t even go through the motions of acting indignant and concerned about Russia’s interference in the election and how we need to prevent it from happening again. Nope, you’ve been blasé about it or silent.

You are not going to win this and I so wish you’d just cry “Uncle” now and spare us all the long-drawn out crap that is surely to come as your presidency goes through its death throes. But since you don’t have it in you to do what is best for the country, here is today’s blessing for you as we slog our way through the next 24 hours of this crazy melodrama together….

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully (as in do not try and distract us by bombing someone).

Tracy Simpson

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