Love, humility, and honor coming to an Oval Office near US, soon

Technically Still President* Trump,

It’s true, you’re technically still president for 74 more long days and I’m sure you’ll make the most of it in between bouts of record destruction and further norm desecration.

But hey, I have a terrific idea – why don’t you just golf every day, all day for the next 74 days? Sure, it would cost US very many pretty pennies that could otherwise be used to build affordable housing or to help fund a COVID-19 stimulus package, but I think in the long run, we’d save way more money and lives if you just tucked your tail and golfed. How ‘bout it? You don’t really want to have to face anyone now that you’re officially a loser – right? You don’t want to have to see the scorn, or the pity, in their eyes. You don’t want to have to be in the White House or around DC and witness people mocking you or hear them tittering behind your back.

And just wait ‘til the swamp creatures who smarmed you start peeling off now that you’re the loser du jour. That’s going to suck, isn’t it? I mean everyone wants to be loved and admired for themselves, for who they are and not just the goodies they can deliver. Yes, you’ll still have the stalwarts who look at you and see dollar signs, who know they can milk some more ill gotten gain by riding your tattered coattails, but I bet dollars to donuts, most of your peeps are going to quietly step back from you and move on to some new gig.

Before I move on from you, I just have to tell you the two awesome definitions of smarm – the first of which I knew and is implied above, but the second is a total bonus, so here you go:

1. behave in an ingratiating way in order to gain favor
2. smooth down (one’s hair) with water, oil, or gel

Right!? You’re the absolute epitome of smarm all around, from the people to the hair gel. Perfect.

Ok, I’m totally sick of you, been sick of you, will be sick of you for 74 more days so shifting gears to reflect on our incoming POTUS and Vice POTUS.

Ah. My shoulders just relaxed, a smile is on my lips, and my breathing is deep and steady. Biden and Harris. Harris and Biden. Did you catch their speeches? Did you see how relaxed and real they were? Did you see the beautiful rainbow of people up on stage with them after the speeches? Did you see each of them hugging everyone and looking like they actually, truly love them? Did you see their eyes crinkle up around the edges when they looked at the crowd and when they looked in their peeps’ eyes and smiled? Seriously, do you see the love they exude?

Actually, I don’t care one whit whether you see it (I doubt you’re capable of seeing it). I’m just beyond thankful to have our incoming leaders be people who genuinely care about other people, who are capable of love and are capable of compassion. It’s super basic – it shouldn’t be that big a deal that our leaders are able to connect, able to empathize, have a clue what real people go through and need. But you know, after nearly four years of you, some love, some humility, and some honor are to be treasured. And not taken for granted.

It’s all looking up from here.

May we be safe as we navigate these last 74 days.
May we be willing to pitch in and rebuild way better.
May we settle in and get used to strength expressed as love.
May we accept that things can change for the better.

Tracy Simpson

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