Even more (positive) signs

President* Trump,

Here we are, still in limbo-land. I must say, though, that it’s an easier place to hang out now that some of the red-hatched states have officially switched to blue-hatched states (GA and PA), indicating that the political winds are blowing in Biden’s direction and that you and your administration are soon to be toast. Still, though, I wish they’d hurry up and call it.

As much of a “thank you Jesus (and Muhammad, Buddha, RBG, John Lewis, Mother Teresa….)” this outcome is looking to be, it was still incredibly sobering to click through all the states in the WP’s semi-interactive election map; Trumpism is so damn deep and wide. There are some “blue” states that tilted heavily for Biden over you, but overall, the “blue” state margins don’t begin to match how lopsided virtually all of the “red” states went for you. It’s pretty dang scary.

I needed an antidote to all of that this morning so I took a longer than usual walk to The Rock about a mile away (up hill). I’ve told you about The Rock before, but just to remind you, it’s a glacial anomaly that’s about the size of a small garage. It’s so big that the street curves around it and people regularly try to climb it. This morning my walk there felt more like a pilgrimage – I really, really needed to see it so that I could be anchored by something that was very clearly there long before any of our nonsense started and that will almost certainly outlast us all. There’s something super comforting to me about personally being a small speck in time and space and when we’re collectively not doing so hot, it’s also comforting to know that humans haven’t been here forever and won’t be here forever either. That said, it’s really, really good that you and yours are on your way out the door because I think another four years of you would hasten our ultimate demise substantially.

Ok, moving on from the doomsday deal…. On my way to The Rock I saw a new yard sign, one that I actually think is about 2 days old. There’s a ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ sign right next to it and both are on simple white backgrounds with black lettering. On one side, the new sign says ‘DON’T GIVE UP’ and on the other side it says ‘ONE DAY AT A TIME.’ A truly awesome couple of reminders that fit in very nicely with what our friend texted this morning:

“Today’s tea bag wisdom:
“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier” Colin Power.”
and then: “Go Joe and Kamala!”

I’m not sure which brand of tea my friend drinks, but I think maybe it’s “Good Earth,” which would be quite apropos given how much the earth needs you to be out of power and people like Joe and Kamala to be in power. Whatever tea type it is, the reminder that persistent optimism is powerful is super important right now for those of us who were rooting for a Biden/Harris landslide and now have to regroup and settle for a close call.

I’ll take it. We’ll take it. But we’re going to have to be really intentional about staying in the game, guarding against complacency, and not allowing ourselves the luxury of hopelessness around whether this mess can be turned around. I think for change to happen, we also have to keep ourselves from matching the hostility and hate you all throw at us with the same. In all of this, for me at least, keeping the “one day at a time” adage front and center will be a huge help.

May we be safe to thrive.
May we be willing to risk perpetual optimism.
May we know that when our strength flags, we can usually find signs that will restore us.
May we accept that we can change things.

Tracy Simpson

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