The antidote of favorite things

President* Trump,

Today I’m feeling even more sad, more tired, more pissed off, and my skin is starting to tell me I’m anxious too. At least anxiety is usually the culprit when my hands start getting eczema spots. I have a good one starting on my right thumb (right where it hits the space bar so I’m acutely aware of it when typing, though doing dishes is worse). Hopefully I can figure some anxiety antidotes so that I don’t end up with eczema gloves like used to happen when I was much younger, since that totally sucked. No migraines yet, though, so there’s that.

When I took Buddy for his evening walk I started listing all of the pleasant things I was seeing or that I had noticed earlier in the day, only later realizing that I was doing a Sound of Music / My Favorite Things thing – if only it was just a bee sting or a dog bite that was ailing me and all of the rest of us. Since you know as well as I do how serious what we are facing is (whether you’ll admit you know it or not), I’m not going to spell all that out and instead will just list the pleasant things I came up with – that seems like a better mental health move just now…..

  • an improbably low down sunspot on a telephone pole near dusk
  • a hummingbird that flitted between our crab apple tree and the ornamental cherry for several minutes
  • the white roses in the front yard that are gustily re-blooming
  • the yellow roses in the front yard that are trying to muster a re-bloom
  • numerous small birds chirping
  • lovely light on the trees in the distance
  • people who did the right thing and gave Buddy and me a wide berth
  • gluten free focaccia that turned out well
  • a nice, cooling breeze
  • getting to give away some more flowers today
  • getting some flowers (gardenias!) from a friend along with some nice strawberries

Ok, that’s a good list. I do feel a tiny bit better and I didn’t notice my eczema spot when I was typing those things, so that was a bonus for sure.

I know I can’t live in My Favorite Things land all of the time and I’m really not going to try, but I’m seeing how important it is to visit it more often because there are sweet, lovely things to be appreciated and reminding myself of them will probably help me to keep my balance better and to be more resilient in the face of the rest of reality.

May we be safe to notice some favorite things every day.
May we make ourselves take care.
May we be healthy and strong because the world needs us to be.
May we accept the kind gestures and the lovely bits that come our way.

Tracy Simpson

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