Dear President Trump,

I took today off to have a breather between the Christmas holiday week and starting back to work tomorrow and it was definitely a good call. We got some computer stuff figured out this morning (really, Laura got it figured out – I just lent a bit of moral support), we got the grocery shopping done (mostly, although I forgot the black-eyed peas so there will have to be a second trip before Wednesday), and I got to the fabric store. It was the fabric store trip that was the most interesting from a Trump-letter standpoint.

First, on the way to the store, I got behind a car with a small bumper sticker on its left flank that spelled out “IMPEACH” in symbols, like the ubiquitous “COEXIST” bumper stickers. The car was just enough too far ahead and the sticker was just enough too small that I couldn’t see it well enough to be able to tell you what symbols were used. Plus, it turned before I could do any serious tailgating, which is probably a good thing. I tried to find it online so that I could report on it more thoroughly, but I couldn’t find it. Thus, you’ll just have to trust me that some random car in Seattle had a bumper sticker sporting the idea that a plethora of different types of peoples want to see you impeached. I hope I see one that spells out “REMOVE” in symbols since that’s really the bottom line now.

Hmm, this leads me to think that one of our New Year’s Day projects needs to be making a “REMOVE” sign to replace the “IMPEACH” sign in our upstairs front window. Laura and I do like having a project to work on together and since we can now check off impeaching you, it’s time to move on to the next order of business. It’ll be our 31st anniversary that day so we won’t want to spend much time focused on you and your dastardly deeds, but making a “REMOVE” sign would certainly be a prosocial way of marking the day.

The second fabric store thing to tell you about has to do with waiting in line to have my fabric cut. I got behind an elderly woman who had eight bolts of Christmas fabric she’d picked up from the holiday sale table. After getting the store clerk to confirm the sale price of each one, she waffled between a half-yard and a full yard for a good long time as each new fabric came under consideration. I didn’t mind – she seemed to be trying to figure out who would want what made from which fabric and that can take some time.

One of the fabrics was sort of a wild card and none of us was sure whether it should have been on the Christmas sale table because it looked way more patriotic than Christmas-y. I was able to find this one online and learned that it’s categorized as “Winter/Christmas fabric,” was designed by Susan Winget, and is titled “Justice For All.” The fabric looks like a faux patchwork made up of American flags, snow scenes with red barns adorned with American flags, and red-white-and-blue plaid blocks. Interspersed among the image blocks are the words “Liberty” and “Justice.” It’s something else, for sure.

The woman seemed especially clear about who would get something made from this fabric, noting that the person really loves red, white, and blue stuff and that this would be perfect for her. It was pretty sweet.

May we be safe to make our own kinds of beautiful.
May we be happy for the recipient of the “Justice for All” treasure.
May we grow healthier and stronger by truly enacting liberty and justice for all.
May we improve our chances for peace by removing you from office.

Tracy Simpson

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