Out of the mouths of babes….. and grandmas

Dear President Trump,

Sounds like you got an earful during your remarks at the NYC Veteran’s Day parade today. I’m sure some people there think you hung the moon, but there were probably more who’d prefer your view of the moon was from behind bars judging by the copious “lock him up” and “traitor” chants coming from various quarters. Then there was the eye-full you got from the awesome window signs in the super tall building across the way – the uppermost sign spelled out “CONVICT” across 7 windows and the other one spelled out “IMPEACH” across another 7 windows. The way the windows were constructed made it so the letters in each word were a little higgledy-piggledy, which as a sister host of an imperfect “IMPEACH” sign, I like quite a bit.

This afternoon one of the things I did was move the little found objects from our kitchen window sills to give it all a good dusting and to cull some of the crispier leaves and flowers that over time have become un-precious. I did get rid of quite a bit of stuff, but among the things deemed still precious that were kept is the crushed, bent “Peace is Patriotic” pin I found last year. It has pride of place in the very center of the window we face when we do the dishes. I told you about it when I found it, but I’ll remind you that it was issued by Veterans for Peace.

One of the people at the NYC parade protesting you was 85-year-old Janet Gonzalez. When an HP reporter asked her why she is unhappy with you, she cited your “upside down” Middle East foreign policy and when asked what she would say to you if she had the chance, she said she would say “fuck you.” Dang. Doesn’t seem like Janet is waiting for the open hearings next week to make up her mind about you.

The HP also ran a story about Kiyoko Merolli who threw an inspired party out in front of the White House on Saturday to celebrate her 7th birthday. It was a combination birthday party, protest, and rally for the future complete with pink-frosted cupcakes and signs promoting climate change action and kindness. Apparently Kiyoko wanted it to be an impeachment themed party with a cake adorned with a picture of the baby-Trump balloon, but her mom vetoed those options over concern for her federal job. Whether she would have gotten flack, I don’t know, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to eat something that had any sort of likeness of you on it so I think they made a good call on the cake.

No doubt you could find dozens of 85-year-olds and 7-year-olds (though I think you’d end up heavy on males) who would sing your praises and would choose MAGA-themed birthday parties, but it’s really awful that we are at a point in our history that we have very elderly women who would relish the opportunity to swear at their POTUS and children still in elementary school who see him as an existential threat. Although it’s positive that the First Amendment is holding (so far), these are not circumstances that are heart-warming or positive. Indeed, they are incredibly concerning and they further freight the open hearings next week. The heretofore lame-ass GOP need to drop their cynical, nonsensical defense of you (and Pence) so that Janet Gonzalez can live to see the day when you are held accountable for your crimes and Kiyoko Merolli can grow up with leaders who truly care about her.

May we remain safe to protest.
May we be willing to speak our minds.
May we protect children’s health.
May we know that peace is patriotic.

Tracy Simpson

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