In a twisted sort of way, Liz Cheney got it right

Dear President Trump,

So I seriously took one for the team this evening – I made myself watch the Fox & Friends exchange between Brian Kilmeade and House Representative Liz Cheney. The uncharacteristic choice to subject myself to F&F came about because this morning I read a short HP article about her claim that the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is to blame for what is happening to the Kurds in Syria. It stuck in my craw all day and so I wanted to see whether she offered anything of substance to back up her claim. I read the Daily Beast’s article, which didn’t say anything more than the HP piece, so I watched their F&F clip. Unfortunately it didn’t cover the entire conversation so I had to find it on the Fox News website to get the last minute+. I can now, with confidence, say that Cheney offered nothing substantive to support her claim.

And yet, I think she is correct. I think your decision to give Erdogan the wink and nod he wanted is because of the impeachment inquiry and because it has weakened you, as she said. However, I am 99% certain that the real deal is that in your desperately weakened state you believed it would be an effective way to manipulate and distract the populous (and lawmakers), not, as she suggested, that Erdogan is taking advantage of your weakness. And you were correct. Even though it was a reactive gamble, you were willing to risk pissing off some GOP congress people for a minute since you knew they wouldn’t fuss for long. Plus, as your clock is ticking down I bet you wanted to give Vladimir at least one more big fat gift to repay him for your installation and you knew this one would thrill him to no end.

I wish I could believe you are so myopic (and not evil enough) that the consequences to the Kurdish people and to our ability to ever partner with anyone in the Middle East interested in democratic governance successfully in the future wasn’t part of your calculus. But no, you are not that myopic and yes, you are that evil. Assuming you were indeed looking for ways to keep Vladimir happy, tanking America’s reputation in the Middle East for a good two or three generations was probably central to your strategy here. And as horrifying as it is to fathom, from your point of view (and Vladimir’s) the more civilian casualties the better and the more ISIS fighters and their families who are back in circulation wreaking havoc the better. So really, this was a win-win-win-win for you.

And now you have Pence trotting over there to bear your cynical message to Erdogan that he’d better cease and desist “or else.” You all really do think we’re morons, don’t you? Yes, this will almost certainly be enough of a gesture to appease whatever GOP holdouts might still be cranking on you. But really? Do you think people (as in citizens who still have even an iota of capacity for independent, critical thought) will somehow be able to square your asinine comments about how the Kurds didn’t help us at Normandy and so it’s really cool to abandon them with this new deal that you are coming down hard on Erdogan for doing what you (and Vladimir) wanted him to do? I don’t.

All of this would just be beyond pathetic if there weren’t so many lives at stake, both right now and well out into the future.

You are absolutely irredeemable and those who still support you are even worse.

May we all be safe from those whose lust for power is insatiable and from their hanger-on-ers.
May we all be willing to see this latest sadistic move of yours for what it is.
May those who have access to the records of your administration’s actions move to protect those records (it’s the least they can do since they are in your administration).
May we get you out of office before you start another war.

Tracy Simpson

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