Enabling GOP slackers and a tiny travelogue

Dear President Trump,

The WP Editorial Board took the position this evening that if the GOP doesn’t step up and DO SOMETHING to signal that they aren’t ok with this latest episode of Trumpian treachery that they too will fail to fulfill their Constitutional duties. I guffawed and then swore out loud. Have they been living under a f*cking rock? How can they think for a nanosecond that GOP members of the House or the Senate (except for a vanishingly small minority) have been doing their duties these past 2+ years? Could it be that the idea that the Republicans might actually stand with you as you compost the tattered remnants of the Constitution with this latest load of bullshit is so beyond terrifying that even the WP Editorial Board can’t face the truth of the situation? Have they forced themselves into a weird alternate universe where they are seeing this latest deal of yours (Ukraine, China, super secret servers, refusing to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry, etc.) as THE thing that the Republicans need to take a stand on rather than the hundreds of prior Constitution/Presidency debasing actions you’ve already taken that they’ve failed to act upon? Really? The WPEB is warning that if the GOP doesn’t stand up to you and do their jobs, there will be more abuses of power in the coming year. Duh. What the hell do they think enabled you to get to this point?

Ok. I’m ranting. I should have warned you that I was feeling a rant coming on, but oh well.

So I’m in New Orleans for a conference (I’ll fly home on Friday) and have a few travel snippets for you….

~ Although all the static directional signs in Seatac airport are in English, most of the programmable message boards cycle through 7 or 8 different languages underneath the English. Here in New Orleans all the signs are in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

~ On my flight there was a woman who is probably in her early 70’s sitting in first class, wearing a very matronly blue and white floral pantsuit with nice jewelry, and sporting bright blue hair with bright green highlights. Except for the hair she was not the least bit edgy. I tried hard not to stare, but it was a challenge.

~ I also had a long conversation with the woman sitting next to me who shared about her daughter’s troubled first marriage and how she still finds it hard to know how to support her daughter emotionally even though things are going much better now that she’s remarried. It was actually nice to listen and be there in that strange “I know I’ll never (ever) see you again” sort of way. It was also really nice to connect with her because I strongly suspect she voted for you – she is from Eastern Washington and is devoutly Christian, so odds are she didn’t cast a vote for Hillary or Jill. We seemed to tacitly agree not to go there and it was nice.

So I know this is odd, but thank you for having a contact page and not having had someone set it to reject the oppositions’ letters. I feel quite a bit more settled now than when I started and can probably wind down ok and get some sleep.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you and I woke up tomorrow morning and you decided to follow my lead and ask the universe to guide you in being a force for good throughout the day? That would be incredible, wouldn’t it? How about it? You’ll still go to prison, but you’d feel so much better about yourself if you did this. J

May we be safe from you and the ever-enabling GOP.
May those who have some sway with said GOP, stage an intervention to force them to do their jobs.
May they publicly acknowledge that they have been enthralled with and entrapped by an unstable idiot.
May you not start a war or aid and abet Turkey and Russia.

Tracy Simpson

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