Where is the outrage?

Dear President Trump,

Maybe it’s because you threw it out the proverbial car window as you slammed into the dry goods storefront on your way to hell, but it looks like most news outlets are giving only a tiny nod acknowledging your comment to Imran Kahn that you could take Afghanistan off the map in 10 days. In other words, there was so much dizzying crap packed into that meeting with Kahn that there are only quick fly-by’s regarding your statement that you have some secret plan to “win” the war with Afghanistan by killing 10 million people in 10 days but that you don’t want to pull that puppy out of the holster because you bigly don’t want to kill that many people. Really, it’s stunning that we are at a juncture in history where the POTUS can say something that inflammatory and sick and it barely merits a passing mention in the press. (Notice that I’m past you saying such things.)

Maybe the same sort of behavioral logic is at play that some commentators were recommending with your racist crap, which is to ignore the bully-child and his most egregious dick-waving so as not to reinforce it. Or maybe there’s a real fear that to call out those particular comments as both dangerous and sick would risk you digging in and escalating some sort of plan for a full-scale assault on Afghanistan. There really could be legitimate worry that given your lack of stability and utter disregard for human beings, directly calling you out on this might get your index finger itching to push the nuclear button (that being the only way you could kill that many people that quickly).

I honestly don’t know how news outlets make such decisions. In fact, I bet the industry has undergone a sea change since you took office in terms of how decisions are made regarding what information to push forward and amplify and what to let die a quiet death. So perhaps there is a reasonable, pro-social rationale for pretty much giving this latest instance of playing with fire a pass, but holy cow is it ever not clear to me.

You, the President of the United States, have now casually said on record that you have a contingency plan that would involve decimating the country of Afghanistan essentially by killing 10 million of her citizens in just over a week, and somehow this is essentially non-news. Maybe it will trickle out during the day today, but where is the Congressional (Democrats and the f*cking GOP) outrage over this? (Note: it still seems like we could hear crickets in the next town over for all the non-response from Congress and the media on this all day.) Seriously, are we going to chalk this up to you being an ignorant dickhead and just say “ho hum, next….”?

Since you fed several thousand adolescents today the wildly mistaken idea that Article II of the Constitution means you should have been equipped with a crown and scepter when you were sworn into office, I want to make sure you know that while Section 2 of Article II gives you control over the armed forces, Section 8 mandates that only Congress can declare war. As in, not you. Got it?

I can’t resist including this incoherent quote from you:

“Nobody ever mentions Article II,” he said. “It gives me all of these rights at a level nobody has ever seen before. We don’t even talk about Article II.”

Dude, do you not realize you are President #45? Do you think that if Article II really did give Presidents all “these rights” at such a grand level that we wouldn’t have seen this before? You are in a total class of your own when it comes to milking systems and manipulating things to your favor, but surely other POTUS’s would have tried to get away with way more had Article II really allowed it. So, the logical conclusion here is that Article II does not grant you, or any other POTUS, “all of these rights at a level nobody has ever seen before” so please cease and desist on this whacked idea.

Getting back to your dangerous comments about Afghanistan, if we let this shit go unchallenged, really, what’s next? Whatever it is it surely won’t be any more sane or reasonable because you aren’t capable of or willing to engage in sane and reasonable because neither one sells. Reasonable and sane don’t play well with your insatiable base that’s been conditioned for bloodlust, whether the targets are dirty, filthy rapist illegals or dirty, filthy, murderous terrorists (sic and sick x 2). Your handlers may tell you not to use threats of a nuclear attack on Afghanistan in your campaign rallies, but I bet you tell the crowds that you were told not to right before you find some plausibly deniable way of getting the threat on the airwaves again. And again. And again.

May we be safe from you.
May we be willing to stay the course and keep you in our sights.
May we stay healthy and strong so we can cope with what is.
May you not threaten or promise or start a war of any kind with anyone.

Tracy Simpson

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