Safety and equality, equality and safety

Dear President Trump, There’s a line in Melinda Gates’ new book, The Moment of Lift, which I keep coming back to (pg. 163): “There is no equality without safety.” There are hundreds of insightful, gasp-in-recognition lines in the book, lines that evoke reverential nods and copious underlining for their elegant statement of fact, but this … Continue reading Safety and equality, equality and safety

The numbing down of America

Dear President Trump, Apparently you didn’t get the memo, or the Constitutional law lesson (duh), that it’s not ok for US Presidents to “joke” about cancelling elections. You also apparently don’t know (yeah, right) that elected officials aren’t supposed to turn official gatherings, addresses, or meetings into campaign events. You’re like a child who’s constantly … Continue reading The numbing down of America

Patently unfit

Dear President Trump, Yesterday, not two hours after teasing about today’s letter including unicorns, Laura and I went and got pedicures at a new salon where the décor is dominated by unicorns. Seriously. They have large pictures of white, sparkly unicorns prancing in fantastical super-saturated colorful settings adorning the walls of the salon. It was … Continue reading Patently unfit

So many phoenixes rising (out of the ashes of the patriarchy)

Dear President Trump, This morning I have three true stories for you, all of which I heard on the same day last week. The first involves a woman who re-entered the work force a few years ago and whose talents have quickly become apparent. Recently her boss asked her to take over a poor-performing department … Continue reading So many phoenixes rising (out of the ashes of the patriarchy)