A good-ish day for the US

Dear President Trump,

Not such a great day for you and yours, was it? Between Acosta stepping down (voluntarily, my ass!) and you calling ‘Uncle’ on the census citizenship question, it was a banner day for the US, relatively speaking. I’m sure you piled on dozens more nefarious, crappy things today to undermine the environment, compromise safety nets for vulnerable people here and abroad, and sully our relationships with foreign allies, but at least you aren’t going to get to scare people away from responding to the census (as much) and someone who allowed a child predator to remain out of prison is going to be removed from your cabinet.

It’s incredible that a good-ish day for the US is now characterized by you failing to get away with doing something shitty and the removal of someone you appointed to a very powerful post and persisted in defending who failed to protect children. Whatever happened to real good things happening for us all? I know, you’re going to argue that the economy is humming along and most everyone has jobs and if I were in the correct camp, I’d be doing happy dances every single day about all the de-regulating you are getting done and how you are packing the judiciary with young conservatives. So I get that whether one thinks you’re doing a fantastic, phenomenal, genius A+ job or are the worst possible scourge on humankind depends on one’s perspective. However, given that I am more concerned with what is happening to the most vulnerable among us and with all of our children’s prospects for reasonably healthy existences on the sole planet we inhabit, I contend that your camp is not on the right side of history.

Ok, duh. Of course I think that. I wouldn’t bother writing to you everyday with nearly constant fussing if I thought it was a terrific idea to drill for oil in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge or to gerrymander the hell out of legislative districts to disenfranchise minority voters and Democrats. Sorry (but not sorry) – I am just so damned tired of the incessant parade of increasingly toxic moves on the part of your administration and so dismayed that the public seems to basically yawn in response because we are so numb to the shit we are drowning in.

I even threw out the idea to Laura that maybe I should make a good-sized “IMPEACH NOW” cardboard sign to fly on a busy street corner tomorrow. She suggested that writing to our House Representative (Jayapal) would be more useful and I just did that, but I still feel like making a stink out loud on a busy street corner about you and the need to formally call you out (as in IMPEACH you) for all the high crimes and misdemeanors and very high crimes you’ve committed. I know you are just a damn tool and that you have little to no autonomy or agency, but dang would it be satisfying to hear you cry (not just call) ‘Uncle’ over and over and to see you slink off in defeat. Really, how much more of this shit can we all take before people start snapping?

My satisfaction, though, is completely beside the point because as I said to Representative Jayapal, every day the House fails to initiate impeachment inquiries you and the people pulling your strings are further emboldened, and I fear we are approaching a point beyond which we may not recover even in my daughter’s lifetime.

I would prefer impeachment, but if that isn’t going to happen, I’d settle for you, your puppet masters, and your craven GOP props all being swept out to sea on a melting ice floe.

May we all be safe from you and yours.
May we not have to eek happiness out of terrible, nihilistic plans failing.
May we wrest our own and our country’s health out of your all’s clutches.
May we not be mollified or at peace with what is going on.

Tracy Simpson

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