How is it Trump knows no one will testify?

Dear President Trump,

A friend of mine who served in Viet Nam came up with a great play on “Mr. Big Stuff” that also fits you terrifically – maybe even better – “Mr. Bone Spurs.” You might have to reread yesterday’s letter to get it, but I think both versions of Mr. BS nicely conjure the evil, conjoined twins of entitlement and ethical impairment that whisper in your ears non-stop.

The evil twins have been working overtime lately giving you all sorts of great advice as you scramble to do damage control on multiple fronts. I wrote to you yesterday about the devious rhetoric you’re using to rationalize your central tactic of stonewalling and today I’ll focus more on your strategy, which as I see it, is basically a combination of flat-out defiance and intimidation. The defiance part is easy to see – oh my goodness is it easy to see, you look and sound like such an ass when you talk or Tweet about it (sigh).

Some might wonder, though, about the intimidation part, but that’s obvious too. How else could you make sure everyone who’s worked in your administration doesn’t comply with Congressional subpoenas? There must be dozens, if not hundreds, who’ve worked in your administration and somehow you can confidently state that none of them will testify – what is that about? I realize that many (most?) are Trump-loyalists who won’t cross you and there is almost certainly a hefty number who will zip their lips in return for plum positions or other lucrative opportunities even if they can’t stand you, but we know there are some who’ve already testified about your attempts to obstruct the investigation (etcetera) and there are surely more who would be willing to blow whistles. So how are you keeping them from testifying if not through intimidation? There can be no legitimate way you are exercising such control over all these people and this needs to be out front and part of the national conversation. Right now.

You personally stonewalling and dodging congressional oversight to play out the clock is one shitty, shitty thing, but you obstructing other US citizens’ cooperation with congressional investigations takes this whole horrible thing to another stratosphere. And where in hell is the GOP?

May we be safe from bullies with way too much power.
May we be willing to stand up to such bullies.
May we get rid of complicit politicians who care less for the nation’s health than their own careers (and bankrolls).
May we get the nuclear codes away from you ASAP.

Tracy Simpson

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