Dear President Trump,

There have to be legions of other people who’ve already thought of this, but it occurred to me this morning that we very well may have a meta-obstruction situation on our hands. What if in choosing Barr to be “your” Attorney General you purposely chose someone who would see to it that justice regarding your obstruction is thwarted? That would surely be yet another layer of obstruction.

It’s really a despicably clever strategy. As others have pointed out, by making the “no obstruction” call himself, Barr allowed you and the GOP to control the crucial opening narrative. He allowed you to trumpet your “exoneration” loud and long and he allowed you to hand the people who want desperately to believe in you something to latch onto. Very slick. And sick.

Once the report is released and if (when) it’s shown that Barr misrepresented the investigation’s findings in your favor, should the Democrats suggest you obstructed justice by nominating Barr, your side will howl indignantly. However, because you nominated Barr and he only needed to be confirmed by the Republican-held Senate, the argument that you all installed him as a shield for you and yours will not be easily dispelled. So there.

And so what? Will it make a god damn bit of difference when all the stinky details are out that the Mueller report lays out a roadmap for Congressional and civil investigation and oversight of you and your administration? Will it matter at all if there are things in the report that demonstrate that you and yours are not exonerated and that Congress needs to sort out whether your behaviors merit censure and/or impeachment? Will it matter one tiny bit if it’s apparent that Barr further aided your obstruction?

To most of us, yes, it will matter and we need to know.

Sadly, though, to those who are so awash in the orange Kool-aid, it won’t matter at all except insofar as it will likely get them further entrenched in their belief system regarding them-selves and us-selves.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope someone is able to figure out a way to come around along side enough people in your base that some room for questioning and real thought can be cultivated rather than the reflexive, defensive digging in that we are so used to.

How we navigate this next chapter will be a critical test for us all – our future together will long be shaped by how we handle this crisis.

May we be safe from multi-faceted obstruction.
May we find things that make us smile and lift our spirits.
May we stay healthy and strong through all the nutso changes you’re putting us through.
May we cultivate peace inside and outside our selves.

Tracy Simpson

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