The “protect the weakling’s ego” case for obstruction

Dear President Trump,

Although sickening beyond compare, it was validating to see my suspicion confirmed this morning that the NRA did indeed have its thumb on the conspiracy theory scale regarding the MSD school shooting. Your camp sure has some choice assholes in its corner.

Yesterday someone who reads my Trump letters blog asked me if I was going to keep writing to you every day if you won re-election. As she got the last words of the question out she started crying. I had to focus on how angry that possibility makes me so I wouldn’t cry too, and in response I basically said that we just absolutely cannot let that happen.

Thus, it was awesome to see 15 women standing on an overpass holding up letters that read “NOT EXONERATED” and when flipped over “FULL REPORT NOW”. I wish I’d been with them, maybe as woman #16 holding up a placard with an “!” on both sides, or really, better yet a “.” though I’m not sure how well the solemnity of a period would translate to drivers. With or without punctuation, I’m so happy they registered their protest like this.

Also this morning James Comey (HP) described his confusion over Mueller’s decision not to make a decision about the obstruction case and his concern that Barr said there can’t be obstruction if there was no underlying proven crime. Comey called that logic spurious and inconsistent with FBI and DOJ practice.

Reading this gave me an idea – let’s say for the moment that you all didn’t actively seek information from Russia to damage your opponent, that you didn’t change the GOP platform to favor them, that you didn’t promise them relief from sanctions, that your unrecorded one-on-ones with Vladimir were just chats about the weather. Basically, let’s park all that and ask the following: what if you fired Comey because you didn’t want the FBI to discover just how much Russia manipulated the electorate to get you elected? What if you couldn’t stand the thought that you didn’t win on your own merits? This would be ego crushing for someone like you and protecting said fragile little ego would easily outweigh protecting our democracy from hostile foreign powers. So logic dictates that you’d fire whoever was sure to discover the truth about Russia’s involvement and thus, your weakness.

I don’t seriously think we should put aside all we know about the symbiotic relationship between your campaign/administration and Russia, but really, there is a strong “protect the weakling’s ego at all cost” case for obstruction and Barr certainly shouldn’t be the one deciding which way that charge should go. We need the full report now.

May we be safe to continue protesting.
May we be willing to hang tough and keep pressing.
May you back off your unhealthy calls for censorship.
May you not start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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