Piling on in the worst ways

Dear President Trump,

Over the last couple of days I’ve started seeing media folks (David Leonhardt, NYT; Joe Scarborough, WP) calling out your tepid response to the white nationalist terrorist attacks in Christchurch. They are pointedly saying that your failure to condemn such attacks encourages violence towards non-Christians and people of color. It’s a huge relief to see this clearly named in the mainstream media because many of us won’t understand on our own that what you don’t say is as powerful as what you do say.

And then there’s what you Tweet…. Did you see the Twitter string where someone took a bunch of your Tweets and copied them onto presidential-looking letterhead to make them look like official presidential proclamations? It confused me at first, but when Laura explained it was a spoof using your actual Tweets as text and it made tons more sense. It also totally drives home that we have a POTUS who makes proclamations, declarations, policy calls (etc.) via Tweet. WTF?

The big thing on my mind today, though, is that it was 79 degrees here in Seattle yesterday on the last day of winter and we hit 79 again today. These are the highest temperatures on record for this time of year here. Meanwhile, in the middle part of the country and across huge swaths of Africa there is devastating, deadly flooding. There has also been a freakish increase in avalanche activity in the high mountain country of Colorado; there were more than 3,000 avalanches this winter and in the first 10 days of March there were more than in the past five years all together. The link with climate change is clear; warmer weather causes storm systems to move more slowly so they dump more precipitation and it causes wetter snow, which is more prone to slide down mountainsides.

The truly shitty thing about all this is that you’re not just doing nothing about it, you’re making choices that dramatically escalate climate change and ecosystem collapse. It’s really crazy-making when there is a problem, any problem, and the ones who have the most influence and power say that not only whatever it is isn’t a problem, but go out of their way to pile on and make it worse. What is that? Actually it’s pretty damn criminal.

May we take steps to safeguard our planet since you won’t.
May we be willing to make tough changes to limit our carbon footprints.
May we prioritize the health of our only planet.
May we recognize that peace can’t happen without a viable planet for us all.

Tracy Simpson

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