Police state budget

Dear President Trump,

On my way to the car after work yesterday I thought about how I hadn’t thought about you all day and how incredibly nice that was (of course thinking that spoiled the effect, but still). Although reality set in all too quickly, I even ventured the thought that you are becoming irrelevant. My, was it a pleasant few minutes!

Later in the evening, Laura asked if I’d seen that Pelosi said you aren’t worth trying to impeach. I hadn’t, but then I read her WP interview. She seriously dissed you, deeming you unfit in every way conceivable and yet not important enough, on balance, to go through impeachment proceedings for since they would be so poisonously divisive. Unless…. Unless something so egregious is uncovered that it would (or at least should) get the GOP on board with removing you from office.

Jennifer Rubin raised the specter this morning of something of this nature being uncovered and the GOP staying true to their new Trumpian form and refusing to support impeachment. If this comes to pass she thinks the House needs to go for it because it would be the right thing to do and because it would force Republicans to show themselves. And just think, if we were to get to this point, you’d be back in the limelight railing against the furies and the fates. It’s an extra sick thought, but I might bet money that you’d tell Mitch to give Pelosi a head-fake signaling he’s ready to play ball on impeaching you so you could have an extended drama hour only to “win” in the last inning when the Senate votes not to go through with it. Pulling such a stunt is not beneath you at all.

Before I sign off, I know your budget proposal is just a vanity project, but what’s up with trying to push us into a civil and environmental apocalypse? Those budget priorities look like you want to create a police state. I suppose we should be grateful you’re so transparent in your naked disregard for the rest of us, but it’s truly stunning that someone who has taken an oath to safeguard the wellbeing of the country would put together such a budget. It’s like a parent telling his kids “we can’t afford to feed you because we’re stocking the arsenal in the basement, and no, you can’t have new shoes that fit you – do you know how much ammo costs these days?” Shame on you.

May we be safe from our President.
May we be happy that folks who prioritize things like voting rights are in charge of the House.
May we stay healthy until you are a tiny speck in our collective rearview mirror.
May we make peace with the need to never forget this tragic time for our country.

Tracy Simpson

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