A Labor Day reimagining of America

President* Trump, Happy Labor Day, you exploitative oligarch. I read an HP article this morning about your pipe dream of withholding federal funding from school districts that reform their US history offerings to more thoroughly address slavery and introduce systemic racism to students. The article included a Twitter exchange involving you and someone who goes … Continue reading A Labor Day reimagining of America

Let’s let go of gendered notions of strength ~ now!

President* Trump, So I know that I’m probably supposed to want to focus on the wonderful, powerful parade of women last night during night 3 of the Democratic convention, from the domestic violence survivors who testified before Congress in 1990 ahead of the passage of the Violence Against Women Act to Harris herself throwing shade … Continue reading Let’s let go of gendered notions of strength ~ now!

Our duty

President* Trump, It’s been one of those jam-packed Sundays and I’m pretty toasty so planning to keep this short. My big news is that I finished printing the Declaration of Independence pieces (there are five panels) and can take them to get their pictures taken tomorrow afternoon if I can swing taking some time off … Continue reading Our duty