Beyond gaslighting

Dear President Trump,

Hey, so I was wrong yesterday about how you tried to weasel out of having bashed the intelligence agency directors. Although I stand by my claim that you and your administration do faux walk-backs all the time, this time your tactic with the intelligence community was different, and worse. Rather than a traditional walk-back, you said that everyone in the mainstream media misinterpreted the testimony and so it just looked like there was disagreement when really, the intelligence agency directors all agree with you.

First of all, this claim is so over-the-top absurd you must have no pride when it comes to the lengths you’ll go to serve the puppet master. Second, this claim is absurd in no small part because the testimony was taped and we have recordings of the various directors saying the things the media said they said. There are direct quotes all over the place. There’s a written transcript. And none of the agency directors have disavowed any of the testimony. Thus, it’s clear that you don’t care that your lies are infinitely disputable, which is even more egregious than usual.

The third point takes a little bit of set up: let’s say, for a moment, that there was some misunderstanding or the media did skew the agency directors’ testimony to make it look like they disagree with you. Ok, so if this was the case, how in the world does that justify you denigrating the agency leaders? Why fly off the handle and clobber them if it was your old nemesis, the fake news mongers, who were at fault? Since the logic here is beyond tortured, the only reasonable conclusion is that we’ve entered an even more dangerous chapter where you don’t even bother to be strategic about your vicious lies – you just blurt them out as they pop into your head, either burbling up from the swamp of your own immoral neurochemistry or inserted there by someone else from the swamp of their immoral neurochemistry.

Whether it’s all you or you are acting on behalf of someone else does matter and will eventually be revealed, but for now let us be clear – you and me –you have moved beyond gaslighting to a new level of brazenness and it signals a new level of desperation on your part, which in turn, signals a new level of peril for the rest of us.

May we be safe. Please.
May we be willing to look beyond the what to see how the how is changing.
May we not give in to burnout and fatigue from the constant barrage of sick you dish out.
May this new way of messing with us not signal something even darker.

Tracy Simpson

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