Faux walk-backs and plausible deniability

Dear President Trump,

I know I’ve been full of questions lately, but here are some more: Do you think Schumer really thinks it would help for the US Intelligence leaders to sit down and explain to you that your penchant for disregarding their evaluations and undermining their credibility will do any good at all? Do you think he actually believes that in such a meeting you’d do a “shoulda had a V-8” and come around? Or, do you think Schumer is quite aware of what you are doing and he’s just making the request so he can say something other than “this President is acting on behalf of Russia.” What do you think?

Obviously, these questions are rhetorical as I am neither under any illusion that you’d ever answer me nor have I any doubt about the answers. What is a tiny bit of a mystery is why Schumer feels the need to play games like this instead of just calling your ass out and saying you are, whether knowing or unknowing, behaving in ways that wildly favor Vladimir’s agenda. Maybe he’s being polite. Maybe he thinks there would be too much backlash if he calls a spade a spade. Maybe he really is giving you the benefit of the doubt and wants to believe that all this is simply because you don’t understand what the f*ck you are doing.

Who the heck knows?!

Then there was your faux walk-back this afternoon on those ugly statements about US intelligence agency leaders. It’s the routine now, isn’t it? You give your base the fake “fake news” fodder they crave and rile up the rest of us. Then you pretend to disavow your earlier comments with a wink and nod to your base. Plus, all of it gives Vladimir the satisfaction of knowing that a boatload of chaos is raining down on us.

I sure as hell hope that people who have the power to check you are totally on to you and are somehow putting guardrails in place. I also hope they have vowed to never, ever let you meet with Vladimir on your own again (Melania doesn’t count as a check on you). Really, it’s amazing how brazen you all are being – you are absolutely telegraphing that you are not to be trusted, that you are beholden to Vladimir, and yet almost everyone is publicly dancing around trying to manufacture plausible deniability about these things you are bludgeoning us with every single day. WTF?

May we be safe.
May we all have a chance at some post-Trump happiness.
May we be healthy and strong through this disgusting maelstrom.
May you not get us blown up and may you not blow anyone else up.

Tracy Simpson

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