Your sick playbook

Dear President Trump,

I wonder if the bookies in Vegas are taking bets on when you’ll slip and say something supportive of the alleged-mail-bomber, Cesar Sayoc. If so, do they have it calibrated to the nearest day, hour, minute? It’s really just a matter of time before you put your foot squarely in it and show your true colors instead of play-acting with the mock-presidential behavior of the last couple of days. Were you pleased that bombs were also sent to Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, and James Clapper? Do you have a wish list of more enemy/victims you’d like to see terrorized? Are you feeling frustrated that none of the bombs have physically harmed their intended victims? Yes, I know it’s not clear the bombs could ever actually function as bombs, but for someone sick enough to laud a Republican candidate who body slams a reporter and who encourages people at his rallies to punch protestors, surely you must be frustrated that the bombs haven’t taken anyone out, so far (there are probably more out there).

It only feels ok to needle you about this because no one’s been hurt by the bombs (again, so far). But people have been hurt in the last two years by deranged partisans from both sides and even if Sayoc sent non-functional bombs only intended to frighten people, it could well embolden someone else to send real bombs that will go off and could actually kill people. Your pathetic response to all this has been to blame the media and unconvincingly call for national unity while predictably (and ironically), your mouthpieces on Fox news respond with false flag accusations against the Democrats. At this point, though, given Sayoc’s clear adoration of you and animosity towards your stated enemies, their sick attempt at deflection was clearly bone-headed and idiotic.

Basically, I think you want this kind of shit to happen. This is part of yours and the Steves’ playbook – it’s ok that you don’t know exactly who will instigate it or when something will happen. It’s ok that you can’t call all the exact shots in this war you are waging against democracy. You know that if you scare the bejesus out of your supporters and poke them with enough sharp sticks, someone, somewhere is going to snap and do your dirty work for you.

May we be safe from you and your schemers.
May we do our best to find things to be happy about in spite of you.
May we keep ourselves healthy and strong so we can withstand the crap you are putting us through.
May you not start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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