A tiny weight on the side of goodness

Dear President Trump,

Just before I learned about the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh this morning I read in either the WP or the HP how even with a suspect in custody who clearly supports you, there were still people on the far right yesterday claiming the Democrats or Jews were behind the mail bombs. Do you think perhaps they were taking their cues from you? Surely they didn’t miss the piercing dog whistle you sent them when you said “Bomb stuff” (your quotes) in your Friday morning Tweet? Do you think perhaps Robert Brower, the murderer responsible for at least 11 deaths at that synagogue, saw your Tweet and those sick conspiracy theories and decided to finally go ahead and do something with his hatred towards Jewish people?

Obviously millions of people are not acting out in sick, violent ways in response to your fear mongering and goading, but some are following your lead, some are enacting your violent rhetoric. In addition to Robert Brower, there’s Gregory Bush who set out on Wednesday to kill African Americans in Louisville Kentucky. He went hunting and when he couldn’t get into a black church he went to a nearby grocery store and murdered Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones. Obviously you and the Steves (and all the shitty GOP congress people who are not checking your ass) did not literally pull the triggers, but you do have these peoples’ blood on your hands.

I hesitate to tell you about this small lovely event from last night because it is so diametrically opposite of these overwhelmingly awful, hateful attacks, but I need to keep hold of the fact that there are still beautiful human kindnesses happening every day so I’m going to tag this on as a tiny weight on the side of goodness. We went to the grocery store late last night and after we waved to the checkers we know we went on into the produce section where we encountered a woman who was also just starting her shopping. She came up to us and said, “here, I can’t use this today but I bet you can” and handed me a $5 off coupon for the store. It was so incredibly unexpected and so very kind; it was like a breath of the softest, sweetest fresh air and I wish we could have shared it with everyone, including Maurice and Vickie and Robert and Gregory and even you.

May we shop for groceries and worship in safety.
May we be happy to pay it forward.
May we take care of our collective mental health.
May we all find our way to peace.

Tracy Simpson

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