Wonder Woman and Super Girl

Dear President Trump,

Today I saw both Wonder Woman and Super Girl. Really. I’ll tell you about both sightings in a sec, but first want to call out how cool it is that this happened the day after Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka took their own mantels of Wonder Woman and Super Girl, respectively. There seems to be a lot of this going around, which can only be a good thing.

So this morning on the way to church I saw a woman jogging towards me from about a block away and I thought how safety conscious she was since it looked like she was wearing a yellow and orange safety vest and bright yellow, possibly fluorescent, socks. When she got closer I saw she was actually wearing a red cape, a blue tutu, a red t-shirt with a fancy yellow W, and a yellow tiara-like headband. Basically, she was Wonder Woman in the flesh jogging along all by herself in Northeast Seattle. She was still fairly far away but fortunately she turned the same way I was heading and I got to drive along side her for a few seconds and saw that she is an Asian American woman wearing heavy rimmed glasses who looked to be in her early 30’s. Apparently Sunday mornings are a good time to be out on the road since I seem to see lots more interesting people then.

Then there was Super Girl. This situation is a bit more complicated to explain so bear with me. Laura, three of our friends, and I went to see Justice Sonia Sotomayer at the UW this afternoon. Our university president interviewed her about the children’s books she’s written. After the formal interview portion, Sotomayer walked up the lecture hall aisle hugging children and shaking hands as she answered questions children had submitted ahead of time. One of the questions asked her to talk about the three biggest challenges she’s faced in her life. The one that is relevant to this story is how she was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at age 7 and had to start taking insulin shots several times a day. She talked about how she decided to become Super Girl and give herself her shots. Basically, she became her own hero and came through for herself and it’s clear she wants to inspire others to meet their own challenges and get out and be Super People for themselves and the world. What a gift.

May we all be safe to be our full incredible selves.
May we all be happy when girls and women are free to shine.
May we realize that everyone is healthier when girls and women are healthy.
May we all be opened and woke and work to create peace together.

Tracy Simpson

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