Super Girl and Wonder Woman

Dear President Trump,

The universe seems to want me to keep this string of Wonder Woman and Super Girl letters going since they keep appearing before me (too bad I can’t draw).

Today’s Super Girl is named Kaylee Foster and she’s a white girl from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Foster is a high school senior and on Friday afternoon she was crowned homecoming queen, which she apparently didn’t expect, and then a few hours later she donned her football uniform. The kicker of the story is that she kicked a field goal during overtime to break the tie and win the game. Apparently this is a first-time homecoming-queen/football-game-winner combo. There’s a picture of her in the WP smiling broadly in her uniform with her helmet tucked under her arm holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing her homecoming tiara. Apparently a little girl in the stands was overheard saying “When I grow up, I want to be a girl like her.” What probably endeared her to many a parent, though, was that on Saturday morning she told a reporter she was turning off her phone because she had to get focused on the taking ACT in a few hours since that was her priority.

Our Monday Wonder Woman is a white woman from California named Andi Traynor and her super power is that she knows CPR and actually used it when it was needed. This is again from the WP and they report that she and a male friend went surfing one morning and when they were finished he collapsed on the sand. She felt for a pulse and there was none so she had someone call 911 and got to work on him, delivering CPR for a full 7 minutes before the EMTs arrived. Traynor is an anesthesiologist so she had a leg up on most of us, but she said she was scared and distraught, thinking that he had died, that she hadn’t been able to save him. When she was finally able to get in touch with someone in his family she learned that he had made it and was stabilized in the hospital, about to undergo a triple bypass surgery. The story has a sweet twist in that Traynor and the man she saved, Max Montgomery, had crushes on one another before his heart attack and they’ve been a couple ever since.

May we see we are all safer when everyone is taught life-saving skills.
May we be happy when ordinary Super Girls and Wonder Women save the day.
May we keep raising up examples of strong, brave women and girls as role models until it’s just routine.
May we make peace with whatever fears are fueling our gender biases so we can let them go.

Tracy Simpson

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