Strategic social opprobrium

Dear President Trump,

Just a few more days before you get to relax and stop manufacturing stupid things to lash out at our allies over. Counting today, you’ve only got four more days before you get to have your tete a tete with Vladimir. Are there protocols in place to protect the interpreters from poison nerve agents? I’m worried about them.

Laura pointed out to me that I keep making the mistake of talking about some lady named Jeannie not fitting back in the bottle. I knew there was something off about it, but had totally spaced that it’s Genies who escape bottles (and magic lamps). Actually, I think it works better with Jeannie rather than Genie because it’s real people whose lives are being upended and negatively impacted as you trash abortion rights, rescind gay marriage, ace people with pre-existing medical conditions out of coverage, and keep children from their parents. The list of ways you all are currently damaging real people (and animals and the planet) is leagues long and the list of all the ways you are threatening to harm real people (and animals and the planet) is leagues longer still.

You should be ashamed of yourself and if I were in your presence and able to speak to you, I would tell you this in no uncertain terms, loudly, and in front of as many people as possible. You and yours should not get passes at all. We need to be calling you out, out loud in public spaces even if it means we need to be abrasive and insistent. Why? Because as our friend Julius Goat points out, it works. Social opprobrium works – people hate being called out in public. Historically it’s been homophobic, racist, bible thumping white nationalists (and the children they train) who have targeted people who are different from them, making their lives living hells. It’s time for all who love this country and the world to stop being polite, stop waiting for you all to come around, stop hoping reason and decency will prevail. We need to take every opportunity we can to be in your faces about all the harms you are visiting on US and the world. Our planet, our children’s futures, all of our lives depends on stopping you from launching us off the edge of the world as we know it.

May we be safe.
May we be happy to use social opprobrium to call out your greedy, nihilistic ways.
May we support and care for one another’s health as we sort out how to engage you effectively.
May we hold fast to our integrity as we step into the fray to save us all.

Tracy Simpson

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