“Professional liar” iz u

Dear President Trump,

Cameron Kasky has your number, doesn’t he? I wouldn’t be surprised if you are actually flattered by his assessment that you are a professional liar, seeing as this elevates you above the hoi polloi of ordinary liars. He pretty much nailed it when he pointed out that you say whatever you think the people in front of you want to hear. For grieving (white) families reeling in the aftermath of gun violence you are Mr. Sensible-Gun-Legislation-Guy who is going to stand up to the NRA like no one else in the GOP! For (white) assault rifle conventioneers flipping out about their second amendment rights you are Mr. Your-Second-Amendment-Rights-Are-Under-Siege-But-Will-Never-Be-Under-Siege-With-Me-As-President-Guy who will happily take their money. Young people have a knack for calling out emperors who waltz around buck-naked and sadly Mr. Kasky has correctly called out the President of the United States as a professional liar, a man we are paying to lie to us.

Did your mother never wash your mouth out with soap? Did your father never paddle your bare butt? Surely this proclivity of yours for lying started at a young age and surely you weren’t any better at it as a child than you are now, so you must have been caught in countless lies. Unfortunately whatever they may have tried to do to curb your lying ways clearly failed. At least I hope they tried to curb your lying ways; maybe they thought it was cute that you told such lame lies and had no sense that everyone around you was on to you.

Basically, I’m trying to figure out what combination of temperament and environmental shaping delivered us such an inept sociopath who still somehow managed to be elected president. It is such a f—ing puzzle. Really, it is. Most of your lies don’t even make sense and your attempts at whack-a-mole as you go after the last lie with a new whopper are so stupid they would be laughable if the stakes weren’t so terrifyingly high. So how is it you are president? I so wish I could see behind the curtain and sort out who all is profiting (besides you and your family) from your presidency, who all is being blackmailed (and with what), and who all is doing damage control.

May we somehow come through this dark time safely.
May we get that you are happily lying through your teeth to all of us.
May we (or really, may I) stop wasting energy trying to understand your moral failings.
May we be about the business of creating a peace that will withstand you.

Tracy Simpson

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