Not you wins in a landslide

Dear President Trump,

I’m going to take it easy today and not get too heavy as I’m tired from driving back from Portland and coming home to a sick dog.

While I was gone our neighbor loaned us her copy of “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” – the book John Oliver commissioned Jill Twiss to write and EG Keller to illustrate. It’s quite wonderful. You make an appearance towards the end as “The Stink Bug” who is in charge of everything, though the other animals have absolutely no idea why you are in charge or why you are so important. It seems like it’s because you yell the loudest, but they never clarify this point. Anyway, you, in the guise of The Stink Bug, try to stop Marlon and Wesley’s marriage by insisting that as the self-appointed rule-maker for everyone you’ve decided that boy bunnies have to marry girl bunnies and that being different is bad. Predictably all the other animals come up with ways they are different from each other, many of which are extremely cute. Then Mr. Paws realizes they can all vote and so they choose between you and not you and not you wins by a landslide. It’s pretty awesome. Then Marlon and Wesley are married by Pajama, the lesbian cat minister and they have a great party and go home to prepare for their Bunnymoon.

It’s an adorable kids’ book that is probably now on the shelf of every progressive preschool, Kindergarten, and first grade class room in the country. It conveys so very many important life lessons and does so in funny, sweet ways. I particularly like the moment when Mr. Paws has a thought and the thought is that they all get to decide who is In Charge because they can vote, even if they are choosing between someone and not that someone rather than a real opponent. In real life I would absolutely not recommend that we vote between Donald Trump and not Donald Trump. We need you to be opposed by a real, solid, intelligent, thoughtful, reasonable, morally intact, compassionate, intelligent, morally intact person and can’t just vote not to have you. Soon. Not soon enough, but soon. Time’s just about up on the Trump Circus.

May we be safe from bossy Stink Bugs with no legitimate standing.
May we be happy to exercise our right to vote regressive, slipshod leaders right on out of office.
May we maintain a healthy sense of humor to help us cope.
May we be willing to try a radical experiment of inclusive peace and peaceful inclusion.

Tracy Simpson

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