What is Bannon up to?

Dear President Trump,

Yesterday afternoon when I saw on NPR that Ryan is considering a presidential bid in 2024 I was forced to reconsider the odds that he’ll step up and facilitate legislation to block you from torpedoing the Russia investigation. It’s still a possibility; he might decide that in six years voters will think it was good of him to have inched, however timidly and half-assedly, over to the right side of history with such a move. However, I’m afraid Laura and the other realists are probably correct – he’s spineless and is too much in the Koch’s pocket to move against you. It’s far more likely he’s announcing his pending departure early so he can distance himself from whatever other bullshit you and the GOP unload on the world before the mid-terms; basically a “not my monkeys, not my circus” move.

So we must not hold our collective breath waiting for Ryan to ride in on a gleaming horse in blinding armor to save the day. Now what? Well, Bannon’s back in the news, chirping from the wings urging you to go for it and start firing them all. I’m not saying he’s swooping in to save the day and one has to wonder what he’s getting paid to make appearances (funds likely being on the downslide for him lately), but when you step back and logically assess what he’s suggesting, one has to wonder whether he really has your best interest at heart. Yes, he’s saying what you want to hear and urging you to follow your lizard brain impulses, but by all accounts he’s smart enough to realize that you firing Rosenstein (or any of them) would be tantamount to tattooing the word “GUILTY” on your forehead. I know you just want to be rid of the investigation, but surely there are people in your orbit warning you that making a move to do so would make you look guilty as sin and lead to a constitutional crisis. So one has to wonder whether Bannon is cynically urging you to go for it because he knows it would both completely trash your credibility and would throw the country (and the world) into chaos. Scary, scary thoughts. Hopefully someone you listen to is whispering in your ear to ignore the would-be puppet master behind the curtain who’s hiding a dagger behind his back.

May we be safe from cynical bad actors.
May we be like the Who’s in Whoville and claim happiness as a radical retort to tyranny.
May we insist our leaders be capable of healthy brain function.
May we remember that meeting violence with violence never achieves real peace.

Tracy Simpson

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