Is Ryan growing a spine?

Dear President Trump,

I think I see what Ryan is doing. Do you see it? Are you feeling nervous? I don’t have a crystal ball but we should know in the next day or two if I’m correct in thinking he’s announcing today that he’s not seeking re-election so he can go ahead and do something now to block you firing Mueller. I bet that’s what is going on. No one in the GOP who wants to stick around has the gumption to go up against you. It’s just possible that Ryan is going to do the deed and in the process will give GOP members of the House cover to ‘oh, so reluctantly’ follow their leader’s lead in supporting legislation to protect Mueller and the investigation. If this is what he’s doing, I will have to give him credit for mending the edges of his shredded integrity right before our very eyes. He doesn’t get a full pass by any means, but if he does do what I think he’s going to do, he will have done the country a great service in an incredible time of need.

I just ran this idea by Laura and she thinks I’m wrong. Her comment was that Ryan is spineless and just doesn’t want to finance a losing campaign. She said he’s been talking about not seeking re-election for two weeks now, which I guess I did know too, so maybe there isn’t anything to his announcement coming right on the heels of your rants about the investigation and your talk of firing Rosenstein. But oh my goodness, I hope I’m right. It’s abundantly clear that McConnell is not going to step up and take any direct action to thwart you. You all must have something on him that would utterly destroy him to have him so utterly cowed. So really, the only person who could maybe might do something and is powerful enough to bring others along is Ryan. Yes, he did cave pretty f—ing quickly when you were elected and yes he has worked with you as an ace wealth redistributor, but maybe he disagrees with the Pope and thinks there really is a Hell and that he’s going there if he doesn’t do something to atone for all the damage he’s done. Who knows? I just want to be right about this one since there appears to be no one with any sense able or willing to shut you down.

May those in power sacrifice their political safety.
May those in power, however unhappily, decide to step up for the greater good.
May those in power develop backbones and use their strength to safeguard our democracy.
May the rest of us not lose sight of our power and insist the investigation continue.

Tracy Simpson

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