Jesus wasn’t about walls

Dear President Trump,

It’s felt like April Fool’s Day for 435 days so it’s hard to imagine how much worse things will get now that virtually all the semi-rational people in your administration have resigned or were fired by Tweet. The only possible silver lining is that your Foxy Friends will egg you on to such an extent that those who still support you will see you are driving the bus blind. The thought of you governing (ruling) by instinct, unfettered by anyone with a shred of commonsense let alone decency, is terrifying. By the way, what did you do to Kelly? Have you been slipping him mega-doses of Benadryl? I keep thinking that surely we’ve hit bottom and things can’t get worse and then without fail, you prove me wrong with some new dastardly deed, today’s being your Tweet saying there would never be a DACA deal. There was probably other crap today, but I can’t face looking at the paper to find out what it was.

And today is Easter. Whether you believe in the literal resurrection, it’s traditionally a day to celebrate renewal and new life. Sadly, this year, it’s appropriate that it falls on April Fool’s Day since in the face of your nihilistic crap, Easter hope is hard to muster at best and stupid and dangerous at worst. I wish it weren’t so, but I think the only thing that’s going to slow this careening bus down is if enough of the Republican base realizes you don’t have their best interests at heart and they stop pretending that throwing billions of dollars at a medieval wall is going to make their lives better. Did you know (according to Google) that the Great Wall of China was started in something like 221 B.C. and the last major building initiative on it ended in 1644? Britain has two great walls, Hadrian’s and the Antonine, started in 122 and 142 AD, respectively. When you put your Wall fantasy in this historical context, it looks even dumber. By the way, did you celebrate Easter this morning? If so, did you pay attention to the story at all or did you space out so you could get through the service unfettered by any moral or ethical anything? If you had let it seep in, you’d surely realize Jesus wasn’t about walls and that we shouldn’t be either.

May you bring the bus safely to a stop.
May you be happy to let people who know how to drive take over.
May your ego somehow become healthy enough for you to recognize your limits.
May you and your new lightening Bolt(on) refrain from starting a war.

Tracy Simpson

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