We are most certainly not in tippy-top shape

Dear President Trump,

Yesterday when I saw that Melania’s Egg Roll on the White House lawn was scheduled for today, I immediately thought it was so you all could have one more day down at Mar-a-lago. Fortunately before blasting you for shirking I looked up the date for the last one the Obamas hosted and found that it too was on the Monday after Easter.

Since I was already there at the official 2016 site I looked through the pictures, which is likely why my letter yesterday was so negative and why I still feel on the verge of tears. The Obamas were both right there in the mix with the kids, playing basketball, doing yoga and running, goofing off and being silly. It makes me miss them even more. Their humanity was so apparent. While I realize there were selections to get to the final images posted, it’s impossible to manufacture the kind of availability and presence they both embodied in every one of those pictures. You just can’t.

In the spirit of fairness, I looked at the pictures from last year’s Egg Roll, thinking you all might surprise me with some carefree-looking fun. Not so much. You were wearing your uniform and Melania was wearing a perfect peach colored dress that would fit in at a formal luncheon but not an outdoor romp with kids. Most of the pictures were of you up on a balcony or standing with a British-looking color guard. There was one picture of you in the midst of a bunch of little kids showing them something with your signature on it. Predictably, there was a shot of someone holding a huge red MAGA sign. What I didn’t see was much carefree-looking fun.

Then there was today’s Egg Roll speech. You were on the balcony in your standard issue suit and tie with Melania behind you looking downright grim. All that was depressing enough, but what came out of your mouth was frighteningly incoherent: “… this house or building or whatever you want to call it because there is no name for it, it is special…” and we “keep it in tip-top shape, we call it sometimes tippy-top shape, and it’s a great, great place.” Whoa! If we thought there was cause for concern yesterday, boy howdy, what the heck are we supposed to think now?

May we be safe from incoherent lunatics.
May we be safe from incoherent lunatics who can’t even remember where they live.
May we be safe from incoherent lunatics who congratulate dictators on “winning” elections.
May we be safe from our very own incoherent lunatic who is in charge of the nuclear codes.

Tracy Simpson

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