Domestic violence is rightly part of the conversation now

Dear President Trump,

I haven’t seen the pictures yet of you sitting at your pristine (no-real-work-ever-gets-done) desk signing the budget, but I’m sure those images will make the rounds. What we won’t see are the lumps in the rug and the straining closet doors where you hid the mess. And I bet there was more than one set of crossed fingers behind more than one Congressional back when those promises about working on immigration and DACA were made in exchange for getting the Democrats to back off on it. Maybe you all will surprise me, but it seems like there’s about a snowball’s chance in hell that you will support a real legislative process on immigration and instead, something will be slapped together on March 3rd or 4th when you will have everyone worked up in a fevered pitch about the formal end of DACA on the 5th.

It somehow feels really appropriate that at same time we are getting to have this strange, false sense of security of having the government not currently, officially shutdown we are also hearing about Rob Porter’s and David Sorenson’s ex-wives descriptions of what it was like to be in those marriages. On the outside everything was all shiny, happy GQ perfect, but on the inside, behind closed doors it was a nightmare of intermittent emotional and physical abuse that eventually couldn’t be swept under the rug anymore. These revelations are prompting hundreds (soon to be thousands) of women to share their stories of not being believed or knowing they wouldn’t be believed because Mr. Perfect-On-The-Outside was/is so convincing that no one would ever get that real people can behave in such profoundly different ways across situations. This is absolutely one of the key factors that enables misogyny and you, Kelly, Hicks, Huckabee-Sanders and probably half a dozen more White House officials played along with it, lauding Porter’s integrity and excellence and exclaiming there was no way this upstanding man could have done the things his ex-wives said he did. It appears Sorenson resigned too quickly to have received the same myopic, self-serving evaluation, but it’s still early hours in that situation so we’ll see.

May we all be safe in our own homes.
May we be happy that the pernicious reality of domestic violence, sexual harassment and assault is finally getting real airtime.
May we find healthy ways to address the violence so many contend with on a daily basis.
May we all be clear that enough is enough.

Tracy Simpson

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