A handy tool of mass destruction

Dear President Trump,

Where to begin? You know how in the “olden days” when people (mostly white people) thought it was just fine to dump all their sewer and garbage in whatever waterway they happened to be near or over the edge of a cliff not too far away? Well, aside from this still being standard practice, it feels as though we are permanently living at the bottom of that cliff or in that river being pelted with crap all the time. There are at least a dozen over the top horrid things on the front page of the WP this evening, any one of which would have been absolutely THE thing to know about and follow back in the pre-Trump days. How the heck are we supposed to keep up? We’re not supposed to keep up are we? By bombarding us constantly from every conceivable angle you all have us chasing our tails and snarling at one another. Nice. Well done. You still won’t win in any long-term sense, but dang is it exhausting trying to keep an eye on you all and still maintain some semblance of normalcy, as in just going to work, feeding my family, getting some sleep – basics, you know?

By the way, we are now four minutes into your government shutdown. You got your wish. Now what? I bet you all have the “attack the Democrats” ads ready to roll, maybe even a few with the “T” word (as in treason) sprinkled in for good measure. I was just going to rhetorically ask you why you even wanted to be president when you hate the government, and by extension the citizens of this country, so very much, but I won’t bother. It seems pretty clear that this is precisely why you wanted to be president and it’s why you are such a handy tool for Putin and the Mercers. You and your GOP props are like colossal wrecking balls or heat seeking missiles where we are the targets.

Because it feels important to close with something positive, the bright spot for the day was learning that our new mayor here in Seattle, Jenny Durkin, is following San Francisco’s lead and is erasing all the misdemeanor marijuana charges that predate when recreational marijuana use was legalized in Washington State. She particularly cited the unfair burden these convictions had on the African American community and how critical this sort of restorative justice is to addressing old wrongs.

May we be safe and shield ourselves from debasing crap.
May we be happy to help figure out how to stop trashing one another.
May we insist on healthy ways of dealing with conflict.
May we use our powers for good.

Tracy Simpson

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