Putin’s got you covered, doesn’t he?

Dear President Trump,

We are careening towards the one-year mark of your presidency, and I think we are in for an especially rocky week. You’ve been even more reactive, undisciplined, and cruel than usual recently. Given how things are coming to a head-on collision over DACA, a government shutdown Friday is looking likely. I’m sure you haven’t missed the significance of the government shutting down the day before your one-year anniversary. Are you busy polling your base to see how a shutdown would land with them? Is it ok as long as you pile all the blame on the Democrats? Even still, it sure seems like a gamble with the mid-term elections coming up in the fall. That is, unless you have some sort of Russian-based insurance plan to whip out if things look like they are tipping away from you later in the year.

You’ve not wanted to crack down on Russia for interfering in the 2016 election likely because it would point directly to the illegitimacy of your win, but let’s peer ahead at how the lovey-dovey thing with Putin keeps his apparatus for rigging elections in play to maintain your power. If we were to see your actions through this lens it might help us make more sense of why you might be willing to let the shutdown happen. If I’m on the right track, the deal is you’ve been charged by Putin and the oligarchs both to suck as much money as possible up the chain (and as quickly as possible) and to undermine human rights and democracy in exchange for fantastic wealth and a lock on power for at least eight years. This way a government shutdown isn’t a big deal for you at all – more time for golfing and no electoral consequences since Putin has you and the GOP covered.

But, there’s still the issue of shutting it all down right at the one-year mark, and given everything we’ve learned about your vanity during this long, long year, if the shutdown option is the one you go with, it has to come with some pretty sweet perks for you, like somehow even more wealth and more power. Whatever it might be, it most certainly will translate into terrible consequences for the rest of us. So, like I said at the beginning, it’s going to be a rocky week.

May you surprise us all and demonstrate care for Dreamers’ safety.
May you reset and focus on others’ happiness.
May you prioritize the nation’s health over your own wealth.
May you stand up to the ultra conservative GOP and bring back the love bill.

Tracy Simpson

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