A Positive Campaign

Dear President Trump,

Do you know who Patty Schachtner is? I didn’t until this morning when the WP ran an article about how she just won a seat for the Democrats in the Wisconsin 10th District State Senate special election. Key here is that you won in that District (dang, I just typed “Distract”…) by 17% and she managed to win her seat by 11%. Since according to the (very) basic screening test you took the other day you aren’t severely impacted by dementia, you probably know this means she gained 28% worth of ground in quite short order. While I wish everyone were waking up, you all might want to take note that conservative commentator Charlie Sykes tweeted this: “Prominent WI Republican: we are losing independent and educated women in droves.” So, maybe you don’t have a lock on the 2018 election cycle after all and you probably shouldn’t be counting your chickens before they hatch. If whatever Putin can deliver is just the equivalent of those beautiful, intricately painted, but quite hollow, Russian eggs, it won’t stand up to close scrutiny, overwhelming voter turnout, or hundreds of thousands of independent women (educated or not) saying enough is enough. Hmm. You might want to reconsider the wisdom of instigating a government shutdown this Friday.

And what sort of campaign did Ms. Schachtner run? Did she blast you and her opponent? Did she solicit thousands of dollars from outside agitators? Nope and nope. I would have been tempted on both counts and almost certainly would have at least snuck in some sly digs at you, but apparently she ran a positive campaign focused solely on the issues facing the people of Western Wisconsin. Because we need to hear messages like hers as often as possible and you need to get that people want kindness in their government, I’m including her statement to the AP here: “My message has always been be kind, be considerate and we need to help people when they’re down. We just need to be kind to people who are less fortunate and just help.” She gets that kindness really is everything. It seems trickle up might just have a chance.

May we just help everyone be safe.
May we be happy to help people when they’re down.
May we care about the health of less fortunate people.
May we always be kind, be considerate.

Tracy Simpson

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