Let’s go with a trickle up approach

Dear President Trump,

You continue to play the optics masterfully; spending the day golfing conveyed to your base you are not going to kowtow to political correctness by going through the motions of attending MLK day activities. Tossing out there to reporters that you are the least racist person they’ve ever interviewed also likely played well with your base because they can insist you aren’t racist because you said you aren’t and they can continue to claim liberals and the fake media are just not being fair to you. Never mind that pretty much anyone in our country who (ex)claims to not be at all racist (or sexist or homophobic or elitist, etc.) is self-deluded or just flat out lying. In the strange alternate universe that is the current Right, when the President who calls other countries shitholes, says Mexican immigrants are rapists, and who wants to ban Muslims from entering the country claims he is not racist, it gives white supremacists cover to claim they aren’t racist either. So really, well done! You are keeping your hardcore base happy, humming along, and you have the rest of us tied up in knots, flummoxed by your mind-boggling, heart-wrenching continual trampling of decency.

If we step back and take stock, though, it’s clear you all are flailing, desperately trying to wring as much profit as possible from a world order you sense, correctly, is not sustainable. Did you hear Don Lemmon’s statement on CNN the day you pronounced at least 60 countries to be “shitholes”? I doubt it, so I’ll tell you: he said instead of being outraged by your behavior and the GOP’s willingness to prop you up we should be strategic. He’s right. The rest of us have to be strategic and articulate a new vision, a new way of being together that insists we are all worthy and precious and that our government needs to be invested in lifting up everyone. To get a sense of how this new vision might effectively be framed and what changes are hopefully in store for us all, I suggest you take a look at Gillian Brockell’s short WP video outlining why policies that are good for black women will be good for everyone. It’s a trickle up vision and it makes good sense.

May you be prevented from harming anyone else.
May you be prevented from destroying anyone else’s happiness.
May you be prevented from compromising anyone else’s health.
May you be prevented from waging war.

Tracy Simpson


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