“Small things with great love”

Dear President Trump,

I’m partial to the early morning hours but I also love twilight when the sun has set and the trees are dark against the still-light sky. Watching the sky slowly darken and seeing light from the first stars become visible reminds me what tiny specks we all are and how our civilization, let alone our individual lives, almost certainly won’t even register as a blip on the cosmic timeline. It would be easy to be nihilistic about this reality and decide nothing we do matters. Really, this is most likely true, but what if it isn’t so much about doing things we’ll be remembered for or that significantly influence the course of history? What if we take on the vastness of time and space and whittle it down to the little bit of space we influence and the little bit of time we have and eek out some meaning? As I was peeling potatoes for dinner tonight I remembered something Mother Theresa said; “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Yes.

There was a Twitter thread posted yesterday by a man named Gary Lee whose Twitter handle is “whoisgarylee?” that you should check out (you can see it in the WP this evening). He worked for several years as a staffer for President Obama and on his last day as they shook hands President Obama said “hello” to him in Korean, Mr. Lee’s other language. Mr. Lee described how as he was leaving the Oval Office he saw a friend and told him about the encounter and how his friend started crying and then how he, too, started crying. They were both so moved by this small thing that was done with great love. President Obama layered in so many little things in that brief exchange and let Mr. Lee know he was seen and cared about. Some people, like President Obama, are fortunate enough to get to do both great things and small things with great love. Mr. Lee did a small thing with great love in telling us about a dear, human moment with President Obama just when we needed to be reminded that our leaders can be caring and thoughtful. Chances are no one will even be thinking to ask who Gary Lee was in 100 years, but I contend his sweet twitter thread nudged things along in a positive way and we are all a tiny bit better for it.

May you be safe and have the space to reconsider your ways.
May you be happy to do some small things with great love.
May you understand you will be healthier if you notch down the ego investment.
May your life unfold and intersect peacefully and lovingly.

Tracy Simpson

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