Where are you?

Dear President Trump,

Every second of every day there are probably thousands of mistakes being made all over the world, most of which are trivial and easily corrected or ignored. Likely in any given day each of us make a good hundred or more mistakes if we count things like typos and putting a little too much salt in the eggs. At least I do. Most of the time only a few mistakes slip past our filters to the outside so no one else is aware of them all. Obviously today the mistake that occurred this morning in Hawaii is on the far opposite end of the mistake spectrum from the everyday, all-the-time sort we all make all the time. This was a colossal mistake that could have led to catastrophe had you believed Hawaii truly was about to be hit by an intercontinental ballistic missile. (Of course this is assuming you know that Hawaii is part of the US and that you care at all about Hawaiian islanders.) There is clearly going to have to be an incredibly careful review of what happened and how such a horrible error occurred to prevent a repeat.

I have some questions for you. Did you know all along there was no real threat and thus there was never any danger of you launching a counterattack on North Korea (as presumably it would have been North Korea launching a missile at Hawaii)? If so, how did this work? Was the warning to Hawaii residents isolated to the islands and you didn’t find out about it until it was pretty much over? Or did you miss the notification because you were golfing and we essentially just lucked out this time?

I also find it confusing and really quite dispiriting that the only official communication I can find about this coming from the White House is a lame statement saying you were briefed and how it was “purely a state exercise.” Clearly this was meant to distance the administration from the mistake, but there’s been nothing else – no expression of concern or compassion for what the people of Hawaii went through, no reassurance that the federal government will support the state in figuring out what happened and in taking measures to prevent future such problems, nothing of this nature. Did you just keep golfing? Where are you?

May we be safe from leaders who only want to protect themselves.
May we be happy to look out for one another.
May we be healthy and strong in the face of shoddy leadership.
May we see how necessary it is to establish a stable peace.

Tracy Simpson

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