I feel as though I’ve spent most of the day with you

Dear President Trump,

I feel as though I’ve spent most of the day with you having gone through three more months of letters to you today (I’m up to July 1st) to give them titles for the blog I’m going to start soon-ish. I found someone who can help me set one up and she said each letter has to be posted separately with a title and categorization tags. It probably would be more efficient to take care of the titling and tagging at the same time, but I haven’t figured out my categorization system yet, so I’m just trying to come up with pithy titles for now. This is my second time through most the letters since I went through them about a month ago to take names out and clean up some typos and grammar issues, so there weren’t any big surprises or things I didn’t remember. Still, though, it’s a strange experience to revisit my past thoughts and to have such clear access to them. When I was much younger I kept journals but I never reread them so I’ve not revisited my earlier self quite like this before. I’m finding I rather like my self and how I think and talk to you, which is a nice by-product of persisting in this strange daily practice. It’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised by how solid one’s past efforts were, like finding old papers from college that were well written and argued.

On a completely different note, my daughter and I were going to take the train to Portland to visit my family today, but a couple of days ago we cancelled the tickets and decided to drive. The images of the train car dangling off the overpass onto the freeway are still too fresh in our minds. Unfortunately because of the freezing rain and bad road conditions in Portland we had to postpone the trip until Thursday and so we are missing the cousins and the family gathering tomorrow (if it even happens). It’s a bummer, but there’s no point in being foolhardy and unsafe.

Obviously I’m not digging into anything political or heavy tonight. I think I had enough of all that going through around 90 letters to you over the course of the day and just need to give myself a break for now so I’ll close here with a post-Christmas blessing for us all:

May we all be safe no matter our beliefs or our non-beliefs.
May we all be happy to live and let live.
May we all find healthy ways of celebrating new life and hope.
May we all recognize each other’s dignity and preciousness and meet one another in peace.

Tracy Simpson

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