A magical Christmas

Dear President Trump,

Have you had a happy holiday? I hope so for our sake. Given that everyone around you seems desperate to keep you content and on an even keel, I imagine there was some serious holiday engineering at your house today. Who was in charge of running the show? John Kelly or Melania? I’m betting on John Kelly. Did he put different household members on rotation handing you endless presents and keeping your ego sufficiently stroked? I’m seeing a pathetic image of the leader of the formerly free world sitting on his throne looking bored and dissatisfied, not bothering to stifle a yawn as he adds another gift to the dozens strewn haphazardly about him. Did you remember to say thank you? Probably not unless Kelly thought to have cue cards made up for you.

You are no doubt not wondering how our Christmas was, but I’ll tell you anyway. It was magical. It got off to a fairly rocky start with Laura quit stressed with too many chores and me not pitching in enough initially and then both of us stressed because I was behind on the cooking and not completely on top of things. After a fairly intense exchange, which went reasonably ok, we righted ourselves and got it together and things looked up exponentially. The rest of the afternoon and evening went beautifully and we are certain all eight people had really nice times. Everyone was happy with the food even though it was quite the combination of flavors, ranging from eggplant parmesan to cauliflower nuggets with barbeque sauce to sauteed green beans. People told fun stories and Laura proudly showed everyone the random Winnie the Pooh themed stocking stuffers I gave her. I think our daughter really, really enjoyed getting to hear all her mothers and her grandmother tell stories she didn’t know and watch us being silly. And our friends who ended up staying in town unexpectedly seemed to feel taken care of and loved. Pretty perfect. After the guests left the three of us played our new “Cards Against Humanity” game and then folded our daughter’s boyfriend in when he came over. We had a wonderful time being funny and wry and sometimes clever. I don’t think we’ve ever had a better Christmas and I’m so grateful.


May we be safe with one another.
May we be happy just hanging out.
May we have healthy senses of humor.
May we keep peace and love cupped carefully in our hands, ready to share.

Tracy Simpson

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