How about a New Year’s resolution or 30?

Dear President Trump,

It’s that time of year when people start narrowing down their New Years’ resolution lists. I’ve never been keen on setting self-improvement goals at the New Year even though I usually try to make some noble change for Lent. Maybe I’m able to make changes for Lent because I’m only committing to a 40-day period rather than an indefinite one. I suppose I could get on board with a New Year’s resolution by letting go of the forever idea and shifting to a “one day at a time” perspective.

What about you? Are you planning any self-improvement undertakings for 2018? Maybe start exercising or cutting back to one scoop of ice cream? Gary Abernathy, a WP editorialist who maintains you are doing just fine, still suggests you work on acting like you are every US citizens’ president in 2018. He eschewed the idea of you acting more presidential, saying your personality traits are “refreshing” to your supporters, which lamentably, does appear to be true. But let’s come back to Abernathy’s idea that your presidency would be improved if you acted as though you are president for all of us because I can’t square this with the notion that you’re doing fine and don’t need to act more presidential. It seems to me that a fundamental aspect of a solid presidency is that the person in office is clear he or she is president to every last US citizen (and sees him or herself as at least the host-in-chief for people in the country who are not citizens), even those who are shouting in his or her face that he or she is not their president. So if a president is not doing that (and needs to be called on it by a fellow Republican supporter), then it seems to me that everything is not fine. It’s like saying a family is functioning fine even though half the kids are forced to sleep in the unheated garage and only get to eat the leftovers from the rest of the family members’ meals.

I, for one, will not be holding my breath waiting for you to take on this challenge in 2018. If you were to assume the mantle of President of the Entire United States you would no longer be “refreshing” to your base, a useful puppet to Putin, a steady conduit for the redistribution of wealth from the 99% to the 1%, or yourself.

May we be safe from presidents who don’t act like presidents.
May we be happy to call out logic “fails”.
May we be healthy enough to step into the breach left by your one-sided presidency.
May we not take the bait and get drawn into a civil war.

Tracy Simpson

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