How did we get here?

Dear President Trump,

It is absolutely absurd we have to be thankful a racist, homophobic, lawless man who is facing highly credible accusations of child abuse narrowly lost a US Senate race. What the hell? How is this even possible? And now we have a national newspaper’s editorial board saying our President isn’t fit to clean toilets or shine shoes because he is an awful person with no ethics who would insinuate that a US Senator is a whore. I’m not taking issue with USA Today for calling you out at all, but it is insane we are even having these sorts of conversations. It really is as though we are barreling to hell in a hand basket and no one has a clue how to put the brakes on. You just keep doing the most amazing, disgusting shit. Do you have a bunch of TV soap opera writers locked up in the basement of the White House who have to come up with more and more over the top nutso stuff for you to say and do or their family members will be slowly and painfully killed? I mean it is truly amazing all the creative ways you’ve found to offend, horrify, and frighten us. It really does seem like you must have help. Do you have a tiny earbud in so Bannon can continually feed you things to say that will undermine and make a mockery of our democracy? He’s sick enough, and unfortunately smart enough, to keep you unpredictably but pointedly thrashing about for maximal damage. But then I may not be giving you enough credit — you may be coming up with all this all by your lonesome and doing it just because it’s fun and you can, like you are grabbing us all by the short hairs because you are famous and we were stupid enough to elect you (with hefty assists from your pal Putin, seriously sick gerrymandering, and a well oiled voter suppression machine).

The only antidotes are to stay clear eyed and vocal and to mobilize the resistance. Young people and black women and a very noble moderate Republican who waged a smart write-in campaign to drain some votes away from Moore made the difference and gave Jones the edge. And importantly, Jones ran a clean campaign with integrity. These are the kinds of things we have to replicate and elaborate on in every race in every part of the country to win back our country and set things right.

May we be safe from you.
May we be happy your brand lost yesterday.
May the moral health of our nation be restored.
May we not be distracted from the crucial issues by your thrashing.

Tracy Simpson

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