I prefer typing directly to you in your space

Dear President Trump,

Geez, what is with the new contact page set up? It’s like you set it up yourself for small children who are just learning to write, which if it really were for children to write to you would be a nice thing, but it’s quite a poor set up for adults who actually want to give you full pieces of their minds. Not only is the font insultingly large (about 18 point) and bold, but there’s no way to see what one is writing or get a sense of where one is with character count, etc. Did you decide it would be fun to send yourself fan mail every day to counterbalance the rest of us so you made your contact page more like twitter?

After the first couple of sentences I decided to compose this letter in the running document where I’m saving my letters to you and then copy and paste it into the website. I have no idea, though, whether the same character limits are going to apply or if you really did shrinky-dink it down to twitter length. I guess I’ll see in a little while.

I suppose I’ll get used to doing it this way but I want to go on record and let you know I DO NOT LIKE IT. I much prefer typing directly to you in your space. I’m adaptable though so you are not rid of me.

This wasn’t at all what I wanted to tell you about today so with my last few characters I’ll share that my pastor asked me if I’d read the letter from October 29th about the virgin birth myth as the “Prayer of the People” this coming Sunday. I am so pleased and nervous and honored. You see, I’d mentioned to her after service last Sunday that I’d like to talk with her someday about this bible story as it bothers me deeply and she said she was planning to preach on the question of whether Mary would have said “Me Too” (if the virgin conception were a real thing). I told her then about the 10/29 letter and she asked to see it and now I’m going to be sharing it with our quite Christian congregation this Sunday at the main service. I’ll let you know in a few days how it goes.

In the meantime, here is a blessing aimed to keep the shrinky-dink, anti-intellectual forces at bay:

May we be safe to engage our intellects.
May we be happy to use complete sentences and form cogent arguments.
May we insist on healthy, rigorous debate.
May we hold one another accountable to the truth.

Tracy Simpson

(note: the cut and paste move worked and here’s a screenshot of the new contact page)

contact page

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