We don’t even have to squint hard today

Dear President Trump,

I love, love, love seeing those twelve tiny left facing arrows on the WP’s map of Alabama showing counties that flipped from Republican to Democrat! Those twelve little arrows signify there is hope we can turn this nightmare around and that the moral arc of the Universe is bending tangibly towards justice; we don’t even have to squint hard today to see the curve. I do feel queasy that nearly half of Alabama voters thought Moore was the person to send to Washington. Given all we knew about him before the election, including his rabid Christianity and disregard for the rule of law, and what we learned about him during the election, the fact that he won so many votes is deeply disturbing and makes it abundantly clear we can’t get complacent.

And the fact that he lost also makes clear you are not invincible and that some people who voted for you are willing to part ways with the Republican candidate when decency and respect are on the line, which they most surely were in this election. They were on the line in the presidential election too, and as Jones said in his acceptance speech, Alabama hasn’t always chosen the high road, but this time they did. Narrowly, yes, but they did.

I realize it is highly likely the seismic shifts following allegations of sexual harassment and assault against HW almost certainly would not have occurred had you not been elected president, but I wonder what might have happened if the MeToo movement had happened before the election and had forced the nation to start grappling with the rot of misogyny. Would all those millions of people have voted for you after hearing you brag about grabbing women’s pussies and how they “let” you do it because you were famous? Maybe. It’s certainly possible. But I think a sizable number would have paid much closer attention to what that disgusting tape signaled and would not have given you a pass. Obviously we didn’t have MeToo as context then like we did today for the Alabama race, but we will have it for the midterm and 2020 elections so you better watch out because I think you are going to go down like your buddy Moore.

May we stay safe long enough to vote you out of office.
May we be happy to continue talking about things that matter.
May we support each others’ health and well-being to hang in for the long haul.
May you not have a tantrum and start a war.

Tracy Simpson

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